Saturday, 23 October 2010

Malaysian Government fails 70,000 Dayaks in their bid to get MyKads

The Sarawak Indigenous Lawyers Association (SILA), it is learnt, offered to help the NRD earlier this year to resolve the problem of stateless people in the state. The NRD is yet to respond.
The SILA feels that the NRD should be staffed by better qualified personnel “who know how to exercise their discretion in resolving the problem of the stateless in Sarawak”. This means not sticking rigidly by the rule book, said a SILA spokesman. “NRD should accept other evidence not covered in the rule book as proof of citizenship.”
For instance, SILA wants the NRD in Sarawak to follow its counterpart in Sabah and not make it mandatory for the marriage certificate to be produced before a child can be given a birth certificate. In cases of non-Muslim-Muslim marriages, it was pointed out, there are no marriage certificates “when a couple chose to live in sin and produce children”.

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