Thursday, 28 October 2010

Indonesian House Speaker’s ‘Senseless’ Tsunami Comments

“Anyone who is afraid of waves shouldn’t live near seashore”

West Sumatra scholar Ricky Avenzora also criticized the comments, labeling them naive and hurtful.

“Marzuki Alie’s statement about the tsunami in Mentawai did not only show the naivete of a legislative leader but it is also very very painful for the people of West Sumatra,” he said.

Ricky said the statement was insensitive and senseless because many people had lost loved ones in the disaster.

“And you can’t take people from their homes and relocate them. How much strength does Marzuki have to relocate all the islanders in Indonesia and what will he do with the islands afterwards?” he said."

In his thoughtful and considered response to the complaints regarding his earlier comment he said he was only joking. Or in his own words: "I was saying it in a joking tone". And Response is sure you will agree, that in that case, it's fine (?).

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