Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bali: Kasepekang: Justice by Ostracisation.

"Defenders of kasepekang see it as the sharp end of a system that is essential for maintaining ancient practices in the face of globalization, economic development and mass tourism. Critics say it is the opposite: a modern abuse of tradition that props up local elites, tramples on rights and shapes Balinese culture into a docile mold sellable to tourists [...] “As a humane person, I feel sorry for them. But tradition is more important,” said Ngurah Bagus Putra, the head of the village’s traditional council. “If I took their side, I could be ostracized, too.” "

An orientalist, but nevertheless interesting account of traditional Balinese law being used to stifle dissent and debate and to enforce groupthink. This play between conservative defenders of tradition and those more keen to criticise seems almost ever present in the region and elswhere. Wary of commenting and contributing to the outsiderism of the article I'm saddened by the way fear is used to shackle people and to control them.

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