Monday, 18 October 2010

Army chief takes aim at 'red' officers

"His transfer can be considered as a promotion although it's a bit off the track [to the force control unit]," an army source said.
Col Pongsawas Phanchit, director of the Operations Division of the 1st Army, was appointed to replace Col Natthawat.
A source said the reason for his transfer was that Col Natthawat had been in charge of the Bangkok-based 1st Infantry Regiment for three years. Gen Prayuth was not confident Col Natthawat could carry out his work any longer. Also, he was connected to Gen Chavalit.
"Gen Prayuth is still concerned about soldiers who are close to the red shirts," the source said."

Response wonders whether, to the officer affected, it feels like a promotion.
And in the lower ranks of a top heavy army, after the thought criminals have been cleared out, how many would be left?

"The latest transfers are viewed as a move to ensure Gen Prayuth has reliable subordinates who can follow his orders to the letter."


It was reported some military units did not deal with the red shirt protesters as he wanted.

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